‘Why Does Our Daddy Need to Be in Prison for Loving Jesus?’: Children of Pastor Saeed Abedini sends video mesaage to Obama


As reported by Blaze, the two young children of Saeed Abedini, an American pastor who has suffered in Iran’s brutal prison system for more than two years, are featured in a new video pleading with President Barack Obama to help bring their father home.

“Dear President Obama, please help bring my daddy home,” Rebekka, 7, and Jacob, 6, ask in the short clip, as the two describe — through kids’ lenses — the immense pain and loss they’re feeling.

The children beg Obama to step in to help Abedini return to the family residence in Idaho, with Jacob telling the camera that his “heart cries” over his father’s ongoing plight.

“I miss him so much,” Rebekka adds. “I don’t want to miss another birthday without him.”

She continues, “Why does our daddy need to be in prison for loving Jesus?”

Watch the heartbreaking video below: Rebekka and Jacob’s Video

According to an internet report, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that, the U.S. would continue to call for Pastor Abedini’s release at the diplomatic level. We will continue to call for his release and we will continue to work for it. And make no mistake: We will continue to stand up for religious minority communities under assault and in danger around the world, from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Baha’is to Ahmadi Muslims, said John Kerry

The Iranian authorities sentenced Pastor Abedini to eight years behind bars simply because of his religious beliefs.