The Do’s and Don’ts Of Christian Dating


The Bible teaches in Genesis, that a man will leave his family to marry a woman to become one flesh. Although its love that drive Christian teens to date, it should be taken seriously and know the person you are dating and their beliefs

First and foremost, Christian dating should be directed by love but not lust:

The Bible makes us to understand that love is the outgrowth of the spirit; we live for God’s love first but also live for the love of others. Christian dating should not focus totally on the physical features of their partners but must follow what’s within their heart. In Proverbs 4:23(keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are issues of life) this simply means what’s within your heart determines your actions. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 teaches us what love really is. If this kind of love exist among Christians they won’t fall into the temptation of fornicating because in this type of love comes self-control.

Secondly you have to be honest with your date about your beliefs:

Most single Christians today are hesitant when it comes to voicing out their convictions and stand on certain matters that are prone to happen when dating. For example sex, or in cases where ones doctrine is different from the other. It happens that Christian teens do compromise to their partners in the fear of being tagged conservative or prejudiced. You have to be blunt on issues that are acceptable to you and those you frown upon. It is better off, walking out from the relationship where you are not being truthful to yourself.

Also maintain those who support your moral principles;

It is good to surround yourself with people who support and share your convictions and are committed to your ethical uprightness. These are people who will guide you, encourage you and honestly criticize you in line with your convictions. This can keep you accountable for your actions. Basically they will serve as a watchdog in your acts as a Christian

Seek dating advice from a mature Christian you respect.

Almost everyone has someone he or she look up to or see as a mentor .When it comes to Christianity and the church ,we have the apostles, the pastors ,deacons, evangelist etc and the chances are there is someone among them whose standpoint and judgment you hold in high esteem. Allow yourself to be taught by that person and gather all wisdom you can because our spiritual beliefs are a larger part of what we are and play a crucial role in sustaining relationship. Proverbs 13:20 says “He who walks with the wise grows wise but the companions of fools suffers harm’’ so seek good counsel. Seeking counsel will help you as a Christian planning towards marriage.

Furthermore do not involve yourself in serious relationship when you are not ready to marry. It is better to go for date when you plan of settling down than not being prepared. Some go into relationships as the bases of getting to know what awaits them in future and this intension end up into sin. Devoting your energy into church activities will help, rather than finding a spouse which you are not yet ready for. This will help you overcome expected sin such as fornication, pornography and the likes.

Ultimately you should not be in multiple relationships at a time:

I believe the aim of every Christian dating is not to remain single but to have a spouse. It is not good for a Christian to date numerous people at a time and having them battle for your love. And above all let the Holy Spirit be your guide to caution you when you are falling out of order as a Christian.

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