Sunday Adelaja Video Message – In Memory of the Life and Ministry of Dr. Myles Munroe (Book Review)


Sunday Adelaja Video Message (Book Review) – In Memory of the Life and Ministry of Dr. Myles Munroe. This book so accurately unravels one of life’s greatest mysteries – the question of life and death!

In this book, “Myles Munroe – Finding Answers to Why Good People Die Tragic and Early Deaths” you will discover:
– Why good people die early
– Reasons and purpose for tragic death
– Why children die prematurely
– How to see death as gain
– Why early death often leads to timeless fame.
– An insight into how to fulfill your purpose on earth and what it
means to die empty.
– A more in-depth understanding into the life and ministry of the late
Dr. Myles Munroe.
– A new passion for life and death.
– How to look death in the face and receive hope for life.
– The bliss that comes after death to the faithful.


About the Author

Sunday Adelaja is the founder and senior pastor of the Embassy of God in Kiev Ukraine and the author of more than 300 books which are translated in several languages including Chinese, German, French, Arabic, etc.
A fatherless child from a 40 hut village in Nigeria, Sunday was recruited by communist Russia to ignite a revolution, instead he was saved just before leaving for the USSR where he secretly trained himself in the Bible while earning a Master’s degree in journalism. By age thirty-three he had built the largest church in Europe with 99% white Caucasians.
Today, his church in Kiev has planted over a thousand daughter churches in over fifty countries of the world. Right now they plant four new churches every week. He is known to be the only person in the world pastoring a cross cultural church where 99% of his twenty five thousand members are white Caucasians.
His work has been widely reported by world media outlets like Washington Post, The wall street Journal, Forbes, New York times, Associated Press, Reuters, CNN, BBC, German, Dutch, French National television, etc.
Pastor Sunday had the opportunity to speak on a number of occasions in the United Nations. In 2007 he had the rare privilege of opening the United States Senate with prayers. He has spoken in the Israeli Knesset and the Japanese parliament along with several other countries. Pastor Sunday is known as an expert in national transformation through biblical principles and values.
Pastor Sunday is happily married to his “princess’ Pastor Bose Adelaja. They are blessed with three children, Perez, Zoe and Pearl.