Open Doors: Islamic militants doubles killing rate of christians in 2014 compared to 2013


New research from Open Doors says that Islamic extremists killed twice as many Christians in 2014 than in 2013.

According to the group’s research, 4,344 Christians were killed during the 2014 survey year which ended Oct. 31. In comparison, 2,123 Christians were killed by Islamic extremists in 2013.
Nigeria was the country the saw the highest number of Christians killed at 2,484. Following Nigeria was the Central African Republic (1,088), Syria (271) and Iraq (60).
Researcher Ron Boyd-MacMillan wrote in the report, “Islamic extremism has two global centers of gravity. One in the Arab Middle East, but the other is in sub-Saharan Africa.”
“Even Christian majority states are experiencing unprecedented levels of exclusion, discrimination and even violence.”
Charisma News reports that North Korea was named the country most hostile toward Christians for the thirteenth consecutive year. Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Eritrea and Nigeria also earned places on the list for hostile treatment for followers of Christianity.