It’s All about Jesus

About Jesus

In a very real sense the New Testament is the answer to this question. Thus, the best and fullest answer to the question who is Jesus Christ is found through careful study of the four Gospels and the other New Testament writings. The brief description that follows is based upon the New Testament writings, which we believe to be God’s true revelation to mankind. Jesus Christ is the founder of the Christian Religion. He was a Jew, born in Bethlehem, Judea in approximately 4 B.C. and died in Jerusalem in 30 A.D. Other than briefly describing His birth and one incident at age 12, the New Testament focuses upon his three-year earthly rabbinical ministry, begun at age 30. Today nearly two billion people profess allegiance to Jesus Christ.

His Name

The name “Jesus” was the name that God through the angel Gabriel gave him. The name means “The Lord saves.” “Christ” (from the Greek word christos, which in turn is a translation of the Hebrew word mashiyach, i.e., Messiah), means “the anointed one.” This is a title, rather than a name. It means that Christ is God’s long promised Savior.

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Jesus - He Lived Among Us