” Hollywood Hates Christianity “, Producer of Left Behind


Paul Lalonde, the producer and co-writer of the 2014 Left Behind film starring Nicolas Cage, chats with Adam McManus in this Sneak Peek podcast.

With refreshing candor, Lalonde talks honestly about the challenge of producing a top-quality Christian film with A-list actors. While he had big offers from major studios who wanted creative control, he was unwilling to dilute the Christian message which is why he chose to raise the $16 million budget himself. At times, he found it difficult to convince Hollywood agents to even show his script to their clients.

Without a doubt, according to Lalonde, Hollywood hates Christianity. “If the rapture was a Mayan prophecy there would be 20 Hollywood movies by now for $100 million each. But because it’s Bible prophecy, it hasn’t been touched,” said Lalonde.

Unlike the first Left Behind film starring Kirk Cameron which was released straight to DVD in 2000 where the rapture only got three minutes of screen time since they attempted to cover the entire first book’s plot, the new Left Behind film is singularly devoted to the rapture, taking the time to flesh out the characters…Read More

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