Halle’ Night 2015

Halleluyah Night

Halle’ Night is the brand name for Hallelujah Night. It is a grand night of community praise and celebration in West London. This praise concert is highly significant as it takes place on the night globally known as Halloween Night. Halle’ Night is a Christian led event for the community to enjoy. It will be a special time of family friendly entertainment, with an expectation that God will release an outpouring of his blessings upon our community far and near. We unify ourselves from the different church denomination to glorify the name of our lord in an atmosphere full of passion and joyful gospel ministration.

There has always been a long unsatisfied hunger in the church-life of Christians in West London for such essential landmark experience of exuberant praise which has been the characteristics of cities and regions where revival and the move of God have been divinely released and seen. By the grace of God this gathering will quench this thirst and serve as a platform to reclaim Halloween night for the celebration of the legacy of believers and saints who have fallen, rather than the misconception of celebrating the dead and satanic practices.


Supporting Halle Night means a commitment to our revolutionary movement that seeks to reclaim Halloween for the glory of God.

We invite you to support in one or all of three ways

  1. Attend the event and bring along everyone you can
  2. Pray for/with us – Our desire and hard work alone will be insufficient in truly making this event a success and as such we would like to invite you in joining us in lifting our voices in a word of prayer. Our aim on the 30th of October is to move God through our praise but prior to this event we need the mountains in our way to be moved through prayer. The aim of reclamation of a period relegated to the celebration of the secular and spiritual is a tough battle ahead and so we ask that you pray that:
    • The voice of Halloween does not drown out the shouts of Hallelujah.
    • The space in which the event will be occurring be blessed.
    • All that is needed for the success of the event is provided by his grace.
    • The hands labouring for this event will not grow weary.
    • God minister to the performers of the day so that the words ministered are God’s and not man.
  3. Pay for us – This initiative is our way of asking that you help us in bearing some of the cost for this event. We will be very grateful for any donations made.

Visit website : http://www.hallenight.org/