Gospel Touch Music Awards – Voting is On

Gospel Touch Music Awards

About the GTMAs

Gospel Touch is an organisation that celebrates the achievement of gospel artists in the UK and worldwide; recognising their ability, commitment and dedication to spreading the Good News.

To celebrate the achievements of these artists, we are conducting an online vote. Here, members of the public will determine who we will commemorate for their services to the Gospel Music industry.

On this momentous occasion, we will be recognising Donald Lawrence for his talent, influence and contribution to the gospel music industry. This pioneer will receive the “Gospel Touch Life Achievement Award” honouring him for the great contribution that he has made in the last 23 years as a singer, songwriter, producer, choir director, musician and actor. We think you will agree that Donald Lawrence is a worthy receipt of this significant award.

Other awards include the “Gospel Touch Humanitarian Award” which will be awarded to the Salvation Army. This charitable organisation and their 1.5 million members are determined to “save souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity”. Their work spans across 126 countries and their charitable efforts include running charity shops, operating shelters for the homeless, and providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid to developing countries. For these reasons, we will be honouring and celebrating The Salvation Army.

Voting is now, click here to vote