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President Obama
Franklin Graham says God will judge President Obama. (Reuters)
Join us on our new podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News. Listen at Graham doesn’t shy away from bold political statements—and he often disagrees with the Obama Administration’s moves.Graham, though, does agree with at least one thing Obama said recently. Unfortunately, Obama being right is all wrong for Bible-believing Americans.”President Barack Obama was right about one thing in the speech he gave at a Gay Pride event he hosted in the White House yesterday. He said, ‘There has been an incredible shift in attitudes across the country.'”Graham agrees, but he’s quick to note that it’s definitely not a shift for the good of America. The shift in attitudes to which Obama referred, he noted, is the moral decline we are seeing manifest daily around us.”Accepting wrong as right—accepting sin as something to be proud of,” Graham said. “Yes, that’s definitely a shift. Should we be surprised that he thanked the LGBT community for all that they had helped him accomplish during his time as president?”Obama went on to say, “A lot of what we’ve accomplished over these last six and a half years has been because of you.” The president also proudly pointed out that there were two states where gay marriage was legal when he took office, but now there are 37.Graham’s conclusion: “The President is leading this nation on a sinful course, and God will judge him and us as a nation if we don’t repent.”The Charisma Podcast Network is now live. Featuring a variety of programs including news, leadership, inspiring stories, women’s topics, sports, and even more.
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