Former Human Trafficking Victims Help RUN Ministries in Nepal Earthquake Recovery


In the wake of the devastation wrought by the earthquake in Nepal, RUN Ministries’ Nepali Rescue Project is helping local recovery efforts in a unique and impactful way. Following local Nepalese government authorities’ giving authority to NRP’s Regional Director to lead relief efforts for the district of Gorkha and five additional Village Development Communities, NRP now has the ability to expedite tents, food and water, and other essential needs to more than 36,000 people affected by the quake.RUN’s work in Nepal focuses on rescuing girls from human trafficking. Girls that were once victims of trafficking and were rescued by NRP are now part of the RUN Ministries team and serving those affected by this recent disaster. Fourteen full-time workers and 30 volunteers are now operating as trained boots on the ground in areas devastated by the quake, bringing hope and relief to their people.”The greatest need and prayer point is for the supply routes to open and up. People are still living in the outdoors afraid to stay in their homes and are in desperate need for shelter,” said Eric Watt, President of RUN Ministries.In the short term, the organization plans to provide basic immediate needs, such as food and shelter, though eventually RUN plans to help rebuild homes and villages destroyed by the earthquake.RUN has recent experience helping communities in need, establishing eight Community of Hope refugee camps for Iraqis persecuted and displaced by ISIS. Since September 2014, the ministry has given food, shelter and aid to more than 120,000 Iraqi refugees.”Today we have an incredible opportunity to show the love of Christ to people who are scared, homeless and have little hope for the future,” said Donna Testa, a spokesperson for the ministry.Readers interested in donating to RUN Ministries’ efforts in Nepal are encouraged to visit

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