Former Bishop of Liverpool to produce report on Hillsborough families’ pain

Rt Revd James Jones

A former Bishop of Liverpool will provide a report to the British government describing the ordeals the families of the 96 fans killed in the Hillsborough disaster have been through.

The Home Secretary Theresa May (below) made the announcement regarding Rt Revd James Jones (above) in the House of Commons, days after a jury ruled the 96 Liverpool fans were unlawfully killed in 1989.

The jury, which had been deliberating evidence for years, ruled that the work of police at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield on the day had directly contributed to their deaths, and their work after it had attempted to cover it up.

It was originally ruled that the 96 Liverpool fan’s deaths were accidental.

The jury’s ruling has paved the way for possible criminal prosecutions against the head police officer there at Hillsborough Stadium on the day, David Duckenfield.

Meanwhile the current South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings has suspended the force’s current Chief Constable David Crompton due to the level of public outcry against the force.

He has said it is “unlikely” David Crompton will return to his post.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Home Secretary Theresa May

Theresa May said after announcing Bishop James’ upcoming report: “I am keen that we understand and learn from the families’ experiences.  … Read More 

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