Does Christianity Make an Appearance in the New Peanuts Film?


It’s that time of year again—Christmas decorations are out in full force whether you want to see them or not, people have begun their Christmas shopping, and theCharlie Brown Christmas special is airing soon! The Charlie Brown Christmas special is a tradition that many families in America partake in, and what makes the cartoon so significant is the fact that there is an unedited gospel message from Luke presented for every viewer.

In a time where our country seems to sensor religious messages left and right, it is remarkable that this film continues to air on national television. Jesse Carey, editor for RELEVANT Magazine, has written an article titled How ‘Peanuts’ Took Faith to Culture.

As Carey points out, the Charlie Brown Christmas Special was not always beloved. He explains,

Even when the Christmas special first aired in the mid-’60s, the decision to include the Bible passage was controversial. But Schulz’s adamance and non-compromising creative vision paid off. That year, nearly half of the country tuned in to watch.

Considering the special has been aired consistently for five decades, it’s arguably one of the most broadcasted pieces of Scripture in history.”

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