Christians Urged to Avoid Fifty Shades of Grey


Premier report– A Christian group says Fifty Shades of Grey risks giving young people the wrong idea about relationships.

The controversial movie based on an erotic romance novel lands in cinemas on Friday with a 15 age rating.

CARE CEO Nola Leach said: “This film glories in short term pleasure and abusive relationships and is characterised by a distinct lack of hope. It is a tragedy that on this weekend of love, young and old will be queuing to see a film that celebrates such a warped version of what true and healthy relationships should look like.

“Anastasia and Christian are actually deeply unhappy characters, whose individual identities revolve around sexual pleasure. Their relationship is all about what they can get, not about what they can give up for one another.

“Increasingly, in this sexualised society the message being given to the next generation is such relationships, which are based more on lust than anything else, are the norm and this is deeply regrettable.

“The Christian teaching is that long-lasting, healthy relationships require work and should never be based solely on physical attraction, but rather mirror the deep and sacrificial love that exists between Christ and the Church,” added Mrs Leach.

Source: Premier