Boko Haram Releases Video of Christian Killings in Nigeria

Photo: Premier Christian Radio

The Muslim extremist group Boko Haram’s released a video of them killing around 100 non-Muslims with machine guns.

The massacre reportedly happened in a town called Bama, 40 miles from Gwoza – an area known to be Christian.

Boko Haram previously released a video showing the murder of dozens of civilians in a mass grave in Gwoza.

It remains unclear how many of those killed in the attack in Bama are Christians.

In the video, the people were on the floor before militants came in with AK-47 machine guns, firing indiscriminately. They then targeted anyone who reacted to the gunfire.

The speaker in the film said: “We have made sure the floor of this hall is turned red with blood, and this is how it is going to be in all future attacks and arrests of infidels (or non-Muslims).”

“From now, killing, slaughtering, destruction and bombing will be our religious duty anywhere we invade.”

Open Doors’ World Watch List ranked Nigeria the most dangerous country in the world for Christians to reside in 2013.

Boko Haram has killed an estimated 1,800 Christians this year alone, according to International Christian Concern (ICC).

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Cameron Thomas, said: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of this inexcusable atrocity.

“Militants, armed with AK-47s and a perverted theology of violence and bloodshed, have decimated community after community on their rampage across Nigeria’s northeast.

“Boko Haram has laid waste to the Nigerian church, slaughtering believers for their refusal to convert to Islam, abducting and enslaving schoolgirls for their Christian faith, and murdering pastors for preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The insurgency can and must be eliminated before its caliphate spreads, claiming innocent lives with each and every advance.”

Source and Original Content by Premier Christian Radio