Billy Graham: 3 Warning Signs That a Church Is Actually a Cult

Bill Graham

There are three important questions to consider when determining whether or not a church is actually a cult, according to the Rev. Billy Graham.

Recently a person asked the famed evangelist his opinion on the possibility that a given house of worship that they were invited to by a friend was, in fact, a cult.

“My neighbor keeps inviting me to her church (although they don’t call it that), but someone told me it’s a cult. How can I know?” inquired the person.

n response, Graham laid out three things to consider, first one being “what do they believe about the Bible? Is it alone the Word of God (as Christians affirm) — or do they add to it, or claim they alone have translated it correctly?”

“Second, what do they believe about Jesus? Is He alone the divine Son of God, sent from Heaven to save us from our sins? Or do they deny this, or claim we must work to save ourselves?” continued Graham.

“Third, what do they believe about other Christians? Do they claim that they, and they alone, have the truth — or do they rejoice that God is also at work elsewhere?”

Graham also commended the person for being careful about whether or not to attend the church and become involved in its congregation … read more