9 to 5: The New Window for Missions

9 to 5: The New Window for Missions

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Jesus probably spent more time in the marketplace than anywhere else. Of His 132 public appearances recorded in the New Testament, 122 were in the marketplace. Over 85 percent of the parables Jesus told had a workplace context.

This fall, business leaders will join other Christian leaders from every sector of society when they convene at Movement Day in New York City for the fifth consecutive year. The idea is to transform cities through “Gospel Movements” by showing marketplace leaders that their influence in the workplace is a fundamental key to that transformation.

Since vast numbers of people spend the majority of their waking time at work or work-related events, it makes sense that Christians in the workplace devote a significant amount of time investing in workplace relationships with the ultimate goal being sharing to introduce others to God and His ways.

I believe that with the right attitude and approach, Christians in the workplace have an unprecedented opportunity to influence people from all walks of life and in the process, see the Kingdom of God advanced and their cities changed.

While many believe that the marketplace is a key place to transform cities for Christ, many also do not understand the call to let their faith lead them in business—but that is beginning to change.

A friend of mine, Bob Doll, recently posed the question: “Why is there not more transformation in the marketplace?” His answer was, “because we haven’t taken seriously the concept of our calling in the workplace. God has a holy calling for each of us.”

Billy Graham has said the marketplace in this century will be for the spread of the gospel what the medical profession was last century. Do you work heartily for the Lord as a marketplace person? We now have a 9-5 window as opposed to the 10/40 window. We need to match our action and attitudes to God’s, and Movement Day seeks to do that very thing.

During the one-day event, there are multiple tracks available. For example, in the Faith & Work Interactive Track, marketplace leaders will gather with other faith leaders from organizations such as Center for Faith and Work with Redeemer City to CityCruTheology of Work ProjectThe NavigatorsNew Canaan Society and others from around the world to hear from some of the greatest minds on urban ministry, to share ideas and establish measurable goals that will lead to lasting gospel movements in their cities. It is not just about discussion, but mobilizing Christian leaders to address some of the crippling spiritual and social issues of our time.




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