6 Ways To Become A Millionaire In One Year – 2


2. Create a Plan

One Million Dollars

Thinking like a millionaire is a huge step in the right direction but you still need to have a plan to make that money. Take a moment to write out your goal, which may sound something like this:

By January 24, 2016, I have earned $1,000,000.00  or more by providing people with a service or product that helps them with their daily lives.

Now that you have a goal in mind, you need to work backwards and create an action plan as to how you will achieve this goal. What is the problem that you are going to solve? Do you need a website? Marketing plan? Basically, you will break down this goal into manageable steps that will help guide you to your 1 million dollar payout.

Always check in on this goal and measure you progress.

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