30 Year old Nigerian doctor could become the first black African in space!!

Freeman Osonuga, Just a step away from a trip to the Space

Sunday Adelaja wrote – After being shortlisted among the top three young global leaders in a space contest, Freeman Osonuga could be the first black African in space.

The young Nigerian doctor, Freeman Osonuga has been named among top three young global leaders who could win a trip to space worth $100,000.

Freeman Osonuga, a Nigerian doctor, recognized for his work as an Ebola volunteer, has been shortlisted as one of three young leaders to win an all-expense paid trip to space organized by London-based talent agency Kruger Cowne in partnership with One Young World and Xcor Space Expeditions. The plan is to send the selected leader to space putting this person in the global spotlight to help lead and promote issues of global importance..

“If selected, I will be making Africa proud as the first black African to go to space thereby making history in the process,”

The winner will undergo G-Force training in the Netherlands to prepare them for their experience outside Earth.

“Going to space is not the overall objective of the project. It is to be able to raise global conversations on issues that affect us all as inhabitants of planet earth such as climate change, global peace and poverty,” Osonuga told Quartz.

As an undergraduate and without significant financial support, Osonuga started his Heal the World Foundation which now provides free medical care to orphans and children with disabilities.

The race to be the first black African to space is heating up as South African DJ Mandla Maseko could still beat Osonuga to the record. Maseko, who won a different contest but he is still waiting for the confirmation date for his space mission, provisionally set for 2016.

You can also apply for the next trip to space here


My name is Freeman Osonuga, I am an African, I am a Nigerian, I am a humanitarian. I was recently selected as one of 30 people to participate in the Rising Star Programme, a collaboration between Kruger Cowne, One Young World and Spaceship Earth Grants which will send one person to space in 2016. The program was published at HeySuccess.com and I want to thank to HeySuccess team for aggregating thousands of life-changing opportunities for talent globally.

I am happy to inform you that I have been shortlisted as one of 3 finalists out of thousands who applied. More than just being the journey of a lifetime, this spaceflight will help bring commercial space travel closer to being a reality. It is quite important.

For the next stage of the competition, I will travel to Bangkok, Thailand with two other finalists to address 1,300 delegates and a panel of renowned judges at a special session of the 2015 One Young World Summit next month from 18-21 November, 2015. This session will be live-streamed to a global audience. I am a little nervous, I must confess, but I’m quite confident that I’ll make Africa, Nigeria and you proud.

To show your support and help make history, please tweet #SendFreemanToSpace whenever you can. It’ll also be great if you can get your friends to do the same. Also here’s what you can do right now to help- click the following link and share my finalist profile via the social media platforms provided my video which can be found here.

With your support I will be a very first black African in the Space!

I look forward to sharing more good news with you soon.

For enquiries:

Facebook: Freeman Osonuga

E-mail:  osonugafreeman@gmail.com

+2347035010768, +2348160549635

Thank you for your time.

– Freeman Osonuga